Client Testimonials



My husband and I found out that we were having twins in January 2019.  We were not sure of how to make everything work since both of our families are over a few hours away.  When we reached out to Jen, she immediately gave us ideas on how she could support us after the arrival of our twins.  Our girls were born in July 2019.  We brought in Jen after the initial rush in of our family and she helped us establish a routine and gave us a tremendous amount of helpful tips.  Jen helped us by making meals and snacks for us, developing different approaches to feeding 2 babies at once, helped me figure out how to use different breast pumps, helped by setting up ways to baby wear, did laundry and provided me with some time to catch up on rest.  I look back and I'm not sure I would have made it through those few weeks without her.  She provided different approaches that we thought about and choose to or not to implement.  It was extremely helpful given that our families were far away.  I highly recommend bringing in a doula if you do not have immediate family around and highly recommend Jen.  

Tristian H.

 From the first moment of first contact with Jennifer she was flexible, accommodating, offering to meet us at our home on a weekend based on our availability, we were both working full time. When she arrived, she was caring, warm. I suffered from postpartum depression after the birth of my first child, was seeking a different and more empowering experience, and my husband was anxiously awaiting the birth of our daughter, his first child. As we talked with her, Jennifer’s demeanor was calm and reassuring. She asked questions and took the time to get to know us and understand our needs, preferences, birth wishes. She clearly explained the role of a doula and her services. We felt a connection right away and were excited to hire her. She checked in via phone and offered to be available for calls and texts anytime during the end of my pregnancy, and offered to come to our home or meet us at the hospital when labor started. I frequently texted her and she was available and very knowledgeable and provided helpful emotional support. She arranged back up support for us with another doula in case another of her clients’ delivery date overlapped with ours. When I was induced I called her to the hospital as contractions got stronger. She arrived promptly, immediately checked in about what we needed. She was mindful about our birth wishes/plan and helped us to have the natural birth experience I was seeking. She worked seamlessly with my midwife, sometimes making suggestions to my husband or my mother (support person), sometimes proving comfort measures such as massage, and positive messages to encourage me during labor. She stayed after the birth for a while at our request. She then checked in for a postpartum visit, arranged to visit me at home. We were able to process the birth experience, she even brought a small thoughtful gift. We are so grateful for her part in our birth story, helping to make this a healing birth experience. I highly recommend her! 

Emily C.

 Jen was so amazing. She’s a joy at any time but she really shines on labor Day. :) Jen was so good to me and my family. She knew how to stay a few steps ahead and provide things I wouldn’t have thought of like ice chips when you’re in the birthing tub or a peanut ball between the legs during naps to keep the pelvis open. She even offered food and snacks to my whole family. I loved the way she empowered my husband to be my main support through it all and allowed him to really step forward during the birth. Jen really has that human touch that you can’t teach, it just  comes naturally for her. 

Brittnie S.

Jen is amazing and made coming home to our 21 month old son after having twin girls via c-section so much more manageable than I *ever* would have imagined. She knows what you need even when you don’t, and she has the most thoughtful and graceful way of following your lead and prioritizing your preferences while also gently making super helpful suggestions.

Not only is Jen knowledgeable, hardworking and kind, she’s also both flexible and reliable. She works with you to accommodate the schedule you’re looking for and is always on time.

Jen encourages you every step of the way, celebrating each aspect of parenting she helps you to master, which in turn builds the confidence you need raise your tiny human(s). We would have been lost without Jen and feel so lucky to have found her!!

Julie M.

There are no words to describe how wonderful Jennifer is but I will do my best! We hired Jennifer as a postpartum doula when we found out we were having identical twin girls. From the start, she was attentive, caring, knowledgeable, reliable, easy to speak to, and extremely supportive. She is top notch - if you have a chance to work with her - HIRE HER.

Jennifer is an all-around wonderful human being and an amazing doula! She checked in with us frequently during the pregnancy and this type of care and concern continued all the way throughout our time with her. The moment the babies came home she was there to help take care of me, making sure I was fed, rested and took some time for myself. At the same time taking care of the twins and all the chores that come with two babies and preparing dinners for my family. She made our lives so much easier and less stressful while I was learning how to be a mom of twins. The support and guidance which she provided me will always be cherished.

She became a part of our family while she was caring for us, at the end of her assignment I cried. If I could have hired her full time to take care of the girls as their caregiver when I returned to work, I would have! She loves being a doula so much, she declined. Even the dog fell in LOVE with her!

Andrea M.

 I can't say enough about Jen. She was the best decision we made for our birth!!! She taught our birthing classes at my doctors office. Prior to the classes, my husband was not a fan of doulas. He thought they were weird and way too into birth, a bit after our classes, he knew we needed her in the room. We had a rough go and she was there with a calming maternal energy every step of the way. There are times during labor where all I remember is Jen's face talking me through the breaths, reminding me that every sensation gets me closer to my baby girl. When I had to get an emergency c-section (it turns out our girl was very sick and needed to be in the NICU for treatment for a week after birth); we were terrified. Jen not only comforted myself, but also supported my husband before, during, and after. She is a part of our family and I couldn't imagine giving birth without her. She truly is a special person and I'm so grateful for her.  

Jessica M.

We were matched with Jen through Manchester Hospital and it was a great match from the start! This was our first baby, and I planned on having a natural birth so I wanted a strong advocate as part of our team in case anything went wrong. In our initial meeting I felt Jen was listening to our desires, and never second guessed the fact that I was committed to a no-drugs birth plan. Once I went into labor, Jen was immediately available and came to the house to observe and reassure us. I ended up being in labor at home most of the day, so we met back up at the hospital - she was there right away and helped guide us through the birth. She gave us extra confidence and support throughout my labor, and it was so helpful to have someone who was there for both myself and my husband so I could strictly focus on the labor. Following the birth of our son, Jen was supportive and checked in with us to make sure nursing was going well and helped reassure me when Leo had a lip tie and tongue tie. Overall we are so glad she was there, and can't wait to work with her again! 

Christine N.

 My husband and I hired Jen twice for her doula services. When I was pregnant with my 1st I didn’t think I needed the help until we went to a birthing class.  Unlike a hospital nurse who is busy with other patients, Jen was beside me the entire labor. She understood my birthing plan and encouraged me to have the natural birthing experience I desired. Jen arrived at our home within an hour after my water broke. She helped me labor at home & encouraged me to go to the hospital when it was time. At the hospital she kept me moving (per my request as I didn’t want to be bed ridden). She had me in different positions to keep my labor progressing and tried different pain management techniques to keep me comfortable. She kept conversation going through contractions to keep my mind off the pain. I didn’t expect to do a water birth, but after her recommendation of trying the tub for pain management, I never got out! During active labor, Jen was by my side rubbing my head, comforting and encouraging me. My husband appreciated her calm demeanor and confidence when labor started to get intense. I’m confident Jen’s coaching and skillful eye are why I was able to transition and deliver quickly without meds for both births. Prenatal care she is just as wonderful. She checked in with me after appointments and ultrasounds. She listened to my concerns when I didn't agree with the doctor. She also had lots of home remedies for just about any ailment pregnancy throws your way. Jen is an amazing doula a must if you’re having a baby. You will feel like she’s your longtime friend the way she truly cares about your health, pregnancy, and growing family. She loves what she does which is translated into her work. Highly, highly recommended!! 

Julie B.


Jen is amazing and made coming home to our 21 month old son after having twin girls via c-section so much more manageable than I *ever* would have imagined. She knows what you need even when you don’t, and she has the most thoughtful and graceful way of following your lead and prioritizing your preferences while also gently making super helpful suggestions.

Not only is Jen knowledgeable, hardworking and kind, she’s also both flexible and reliable. She works with you to accommodate the schedule you’re looking for and is always on time.

Jen encourages you every step of the way, celebrating each aspect of parenting she helps you to master, which in turn builds the confidence you need raise your tiny human(s). We would have been lost without Jen and feel so lucky to have found her!!

 For the birth of our first child, we did not have a doula.  I wanted a different experience for the birth of our second child and my husband and I looked into getting a doula.

When Jen and I met, I knew we would be a good team, especially after hearing how she sees a doula being a part of the birth experience.

Jen came to our home to hear about our previous birth experience and our hopes for our next birth experience.  She listened and was very patient.  She was empathetic and gave phenomenal and realistic ideas on how to prepare for the next birth.  My favorite thing that Jen said during our get together was that the second birth experience is usually healing (since my first birth was somewhat traumatic) and she was there to aid in that healing process and advocate for me but also give support for me and my husband as a team.  After her visit, I was so excited because my husband and I had an additional team member that was much more experienced than us and would support and empower us during the birth experience.

The week before I delivered, Jen and I communicated daily if not several times a day.  This was so helpful! During the birth, Jen gave several major recommendations that positively affected my birth experience. Jen recognized things I needed before anyone else recognized them!  It was phenomenal! She empowered me throughout the birth and supported me and my husband.  She told me to let my body do the work and to trust my body.  She was so patient and kind. I would not have had the same birth experience without Jen.  She is amazing!

Jen also followed up post partum.  She again empowered me and validated the feelings I was having post partum.  Jen is an amazing, talented, intelligent, patient and kind woman.  If my husband and I decide to have another child, we will definitely ask Jen to be a part of the birth experience again!

Laura B.

 I cannot recommend Jen highly enough. We are so grateful for all her wisdom & support during the birth of our daughter. She was everything we hoping.  I cannot recommend Jen highly enough. We are so grateful for all her wisdom and support during the birth of our daughter. She was everyting we hoped for in a doula and more--she feels like part of our family now. We are first time parents and we really wanted someone who could help explain our options, could translate some of the information from our doctor's appointments, and would advocate for our needs and desires during the actual birth. Jen did all this and more! During my pregnancy, she was always available to answer my questions or calm my fears, responding quickly to all my texts and calls. She always followed up with me after my doctor's appointments to make sure I understood what was going on and helped me figure out what questions I needed to ask at my next appointment. She helped us put together a birth plan and then was completely supportive when we threw the birth plan out the window when I went into labor. She was the comforting, peaceful, reassuring presence I needed in the delivery room--her support, encouragement, and expertise made all the difference for both me and my husband. We also hired Jen as a post-partum doula and she was so helpful during those first weeks at home. We had so many questions and worries about baby care and breastfeeding and she was a wonderful resource, providing us with lots of invaluable information and pointing us in the direction of other experts when we needed them. And she was so thoughtful and kind--when she found out I loved blueberry muffins, she welcomed us home from the hospital with a giant batch of delicious homemade muffins. That is just a snapshot of the kind of loving, thoughtful, personalized care Jen provides. If I am ever pregnant again, one of my first phone calls will be to Jen to make sure she is available to work with us again. 

Emily G.

I cannot think of a better person to have by your side during the adventure of pregnancy and birth. My pregnancy did not go as "planned"; my baby was breech. Jen helped my husband and I navigate through the ups and downs of planning for an unmedicated vaginal birth, finding out our baby was breech, chiropractic work to encourage our baby to flip, considering whether to have the doctor manually flip our baby (version), and ultimately my scheduled C section. Jen's kindness and passion is matched by her immense knowledge and experience in her field. She is the best of both worlds and exactly the person you want in the room with you. I look forward to having her by our side for baby #2!

Cara K.

Hiring Jennifer as our doula was a smart decision. Not only is she knowledgeable to pregnancy and the whole birth process, but she is calm and compassionate. We had a homebirth and Jen was great! She helped to get me moving, got me the snacks and drinks I wanted (you can do that at home) , held my hand during contractions, rubbed my back when needed, talked to me in a soft, soothing whisper voice. She knew what to do and when to do it, sometimes before I did. We had a long labor and were tired. She was a great help to my husband as well when he was exhausted from lack of sleep. If I were to have another baby, Jennifer would be there, no doubt!

Julie H.

Having Jennifer as our doula gave me peace of mind. Her experience and compassion were exactly what we needed. She guided me in what I needed to do for my wife and when. Jennifer made the birthing process easier for my wife and I and we wouldn't want to go through it without her.

Roger H.

I was fortunate enough to have Jen as my doula at the birth of my daughter and at the birth of my son. Jen utilizes her gifts in all she does personally and professionally. She really listens and cares about you as if you were part of her family. She puts her clients first in the delivery room. She is extremely professional, always being received positively by the doctors, midwives and nurses. She brings her experience and wisdom to each birth. Jen exemplifies what it means to be a doula.

Jen B.


Jen is the best doula! She was such amazing support for not just me but for Michael and our son. From the meetings before my birth, postpartum, to every phone call, text, you name it, she was there for us. At 37 weeks I developed cholestasis and Landon needed to be delivered within 24 hours. When my Dr told me that, I panicked to say the very least. Jen was at the hospital by my side through everything. It was so nice to have her there to help us understand what was happening. She had so many ideas to help me feel more comfortable. And to be quite honest, my nurses were great, but they didn't stay by my side like Jen did. My birth story was a rough one and not the way I imagined it would be but her unwavering support was a tremendous help for me. I am so glad we made the decision to have her as our doula. 

Katie F. 


I had Jen as my doula at the birth of my 4th and 5th babies. I'm not sure how I got through the first 3 without her. Jen is amazing!! She was so intuitive to my needs during labor and was the "You can do it" voice when I needed it the most, especially during transition. Knowing she had my birth plans and wishes for each birth gave me the confidence that even if I wasn't thinking clearly, she would remind me and take care of me all the way through! She was truly peace, calmness, clarity and strength for me. If we were to have another child, I wouldn't want to go through it without Jen there.

Nancy F.

I was debating getting a postpartum doula after my second baby was born because, well, it was my 2nd baby and I should know everything this time around and be totally sane, right?! Thankfully I got over my pride and decided to get a doula. THANK GOD that doula was Jen. 

Even though I was much better postpartum this time around than the first, it was so wonderful to have someone help me through it. Jen is so supportive, helpful and loving. She validated my nerves, helped me sleep, feel relaxed, organized and fed....basically she helped me feel a little closer to whole. 

We often think we can do it all and by asking for help we are lesser. That is foolish. It takes a village. And you just gave birth to another human being that needs you. So who is there to take care of what you need so you can give that little human everything they need? That's where Jen steps in. I recovered much faster this time around because I had her. I only wish I had her for my first pregnancy. Thank you Jen!! 

Cheryl M.

Baby # 2 came! I thought I could absolutely handle everything because I had "done it before". Then my mother in law left and I quickly realized I needed some more support. That is exactly what Jen did for me with her postpartum doula services. She gave me the confidence to be a mother of two boys. From our very first meeting, I felt instant relief and calm when Jen was with me and my baby. She had such a natural way of bringing peace and organization into my house. From making sure I remembered to eat, by cooking me breakfast, to helping me rearrange the babies room to be more efficient, Jen made my life as  new mom better. She became part of our family!

Sarah W.