Birth Doula


" A women, as long as she lives, will remember how she was made to feel at her birth." 

                                                                                                                      ~Anna Verwaal


As a Birth Doula, I provide informational, physical and emotional support during pregnancy and birth. I do not replace your partner, they have an incredibly important role. Instead, I bring suggestions and support that will guide you both through the birth process. We all work together as a team.

I have found partners to be especially relieved by my presence. They don't feel as pressured to remember every little detail they learned in classes because I will there to guide them. Your partner knows you best and I have birth experience so together we make a great team!

My highest priority is to help you have a positive and satisfying birth as your define it. This is your birth, your story to write and I am here to support you.

As a Birth Doula, I provide the following services:

  • Free initial consultation at agreed upon location to get to know one another
  • At least one prenatal appointment in your home
  • Support and evidence-based information during pregnancy, labor and birth
  • Unlimited texts/phone calls/emails
  • Use of books & videos in my lending library
  • Assistance with writing birth plan, if needed
  • On call 24/7~  2 weeks before & after due date
  • Qualified back up Doula assigned to each of my clients 
  • Emotional and physical support/comfort measures during labor
  • Photographs taken during labor and after baby is born (at your discretion)
  • 1-2 hours of support after baby is born
  • Immediate breastfeeding support, if desired
  • Postpartum follow up visit

Please call or email me for birth doula package pricing.

I provide judgement-free support. My work as a Doula is fluid, ever-changing based on individual and family needs. I believe in the birth process and that a woman instinctively has the wisdom and strength to labor and give birth the way she chooses. I also believe that a laboring mom/couple is benefited enormously by continuous support and encouragement as they bring new life into this world. 

As a certified Childbirth Educator, I provide group and private evidence-based childbirth and baby care classes. I would love to have you join one of my classes or schedule a private home class. Give me a call or send me an email so we can chat about the many options I offer.

You may be asking, "do I need a doula? What will doula support look like?"


During your pregnancy, we will meet multiple times and talk over the phone to really get to know each other. The conversations we have will help me gain more understanding for the type of birth experience you are looking for. Since you do not know which care provider will be on call when you go into labor or who your nurses will be, having someone who knows your fears, concerns and wishes with you during this time can be reassuring. I will help to create a calm and soothing environment wherever you are giving birth: at a hospital, birth center or home.

As a birth doula with over 18 years of experience I have many "tools in my toolbox." Some of the many things I will offer while you are in labor include: massage, counter pressure, position changes, help with water therapy (shower/tub), walk the halls with you, apply hot or cold packs, listen to any concerns and help process information if decisions need to made. I will provide emotional support, reassurance and encouragement to you and your partner. I am also willing to  support any family on this journey with you. Many times I have been asked to go to the waiting area to support family/friends who may be waiting for updates. This can be very valuable to the laboring couple who needs to stay focused but wants others waiting down the hall to have up to date information. . 

I work with your care providers to ensure you truly feel cared for at all times. After your baby is born, I help with skin to skin bonding and offer initial breastfeeding support. I will stay an hour or two until you are settled in and ready for some quiet family time. Our relationship does not end once I leave the hospital. I will still be available for you to call or text with any questions you may have. We will schedule a follow up visit where we can discuss your birth and I can provide additional resources if needed. 

I am also a certified Postpartum Doula so if you find you need support as you adjust to parenting, I can help. Please see my postpartum page for a description of services. 

*Doulas are birth trained birth professionals but are not medical professionals. Doulas do not perform clinical procedures or give medical advice. They do not deliver the baby.

"Childbirth is an experience in a woman's life that holds the power to transform her forever. Passing through these gates - in her own way - remembering all the generations of women who walk with her...She is never alone."  Suzanne Arms